Pool Ladders

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Bathe safely with swimming pool ladders

Stairs for swimming pools are essential wherever you are lucky enough to enjoy a pool. As important as outdoor showers, pool handrails or grip systems, these stairs are designed to withstand water and weather, providing, in addition, that extra security that is needed both when leaving and entering a pool. This is achieved with the use of resistant materials such as steel and anti-slip applications on the steps and other areas. The result is no other than maximum security and guarantee to enter and exit the water.

How to place a pool ladder?

Two aspects are fundamental to achieve a correct installation. The first is the chosen place, and it is advisable to always opt for the one of less depth if the pool is built and has different levels. The second is none other than that of the fastening materials, something that must be solved by looking for the best and strongest anchors.

How to choose stairs for swimming pools?

- Height is essential. Always pass the surface of the pool to provide a comfortable handrail and enter the water to make the entry is safe, so you must choose specific models depending on the size of the pool.

- Look carefully at the anti-slip materials. It is essential that the steps of a pool ladder are not slippery, as this could be the cause of unexpected accidents that ruin your piscinero moment.