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Provide cache to your game room with a pool table

There are many people who have the dream of having at home a pool table and its corresponding tacos, embrasures and balls. In fact, an element of these characteristics, in addition to providing a pleasant and healthy entertainment, brings a touch of elegance, modernity and charisma to any room. And is that its decorative value is also incalculable.

What measures should a pool table have?

There are, basically, three measures of pool tables. In this sense, the smallest, which are ideal for recreational use, are known as 7 feet and have dimensions of 2.13x1.07x0.78 meters (length by width per height). Also, those of 9 feet, which are for professional use and for experienced players, present measures of 2.54x1.27x0.85 meters. The 8-foot ones, which are intermediate, occupy a space of 2.37x1.17x0.81 meters.

How to choose pool tables?

- Keep in mind the space you have. To give you an idea, if you want to play with full freedom and without mobility problems, the 7-foot tables should be placed in the center of rooms of 20 square meters, while those of 8 feet require 24 square meters around . The 9-foot ones, the largest ones, need 28 square meters.

- Fixed or foldable? If you want the billiard table as a decorative element and you are going to dedicate a whole stay, go for the first ones. If you have little space or do not play often, the second ones are the most advisable.