Porch Swings

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Among the elements of outdoor furniture, the rocking chairs certainly take on an important importance: based on the decorative style of the garden, it is possible to choose the model that best suits you, creating a relaxing corner in harmony with the surrounding area. From vintage swings to modern ones, the options are not lacking to combine your furnishing needs with maximum comfort.

Where to place the garden swing?

To decide where to place one or more swings, it is essential to analyze the spaces: is there an external area to be dedicated to conviviality or can it be obtained? The ideal would be to have a shaded and protected area, adjacent to a tree or under a pergola, sufficiently large. The land should be flat, even better if paved, to ensure perfect stability. One last trick: often the magnitude of the oscillatory movement is underestimated and it is not unusual to see swings resting on the wall of the house. It is certainly a space-saving solution, but in this way its main feature, which is precisely that of being able to rock, is not fully exploited. If the space is not large, it would be better to focus on smaller models, to be able to position them easily.

How to choose rocking chairs?

- evaluate the space available and focus on a model of adequate size

- choose the type of material (plastic, teak or metal) considering exposure to atmospheric agents and ease of cleaning / maintenance

- prefer the style that aligns with your personal tastes and the context in which it will be inserted