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The history of gloves goes back to ancient times. Since then, they have been objects of prestige as well as accessories of protection to work in the best conditions. Today, nothing has changed since we see them everywhere. They are present in many trades to preserve cuts and heat, but also the risk of crushing. At home, they have their place in the garage, in the garden or in the kitchen. Whether clumsy or not, it is better to wear gloves or use potholders to take a dish out of the oven. Always in the same spirit, it is advisable to be careful with the cutting knives, especially the sharpest ones. Cutting a pumpkin or preparing poultry becomes a safe activity with these practical accessories. If you need to make specific gestures, you will adopt models that mold the fingers and the palms of the hands. Mittens, on the other hand, are ideal for catching a hot container. As for potholders, these squares of fleece fabric, they are a precious help to grab the handles of pots and pans.

Which gloves should be favored for cooking?

First, it is to choose models that are slip resistant because a false movement is quickly arrived in the kitchen. When you grab a dish, it can slip from your hands and fall to the ground. Children, pets and even your legs are not immune to a burn or injury. It is also essential that they are your size. If they are too small, your fingers may be compressed, which will cause discomfort to put on and remove, and it is uncomfortable. Too big, they will not hold and will not ensure a good grip of the dishes. On the hygiene side, your gloves should be easy to machine wash. Indeed, the interior is subject to perspiration to the extent that it handles hot dishes, while stains are almost inevitable on the outer parts. On the other hand, it is important to check the maximum temperature tolerated by the gloves and pot holders. From one brand to another, the differences can reach 100 ° C or more. Another important point: they must imperatively be fireproof. Make sure that the chosen models are well suited to withstand contact with the flames. Finally, do not omit qualities such as the robustness of the materials, the possible passer if you want to hang them and their aesthetics.

How to choose gloves to avoid cuts?

- If protecting against small cuts, opt for soft leather gloves that wrap the fingers without constraint.

- Prefer specific models if you use really sharp tools. Do not hesitate to ask for the level of resistance to cutting (from 1 to 5).

- Elect breathable, lightweight and elastic gloves for optimal comfort, but also perfectly adapted to the size of your hands.

- Check that they are compatible with food products if you use them in the kitchen.
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