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The pressure washer is a professional machine that allows you to wash surfaces of any type, removing any type of dirt more easily. The operation is based on a system that increases the water pressure exponentially until it creates water vapor, which acts by lifting the molecules of dirt and thus obtaining a more complete cleaning.

Most of the high-pressure washers for home use work with cold water, but there are also hot water professional models, mostly used in the food, industrial and construction sectors for machine cleaning. The models for the home are usually more compact and manageable, so as to facilitate the use and storage.

Which pressure washer to choose for the home

For a home use it is usually sufficient to buy a model of cold water pressure washer. To choose the most suitable model, however, it is necessary to consider some main parameters such as flow, power, pressure and practicality of use.

The flow refers to the amount of high pressure water that the pump can shoot in an hour. In case you do not use it frequently it is advisable to opt anyway for models of at least 350 l / h; in the opposite case and to clean large surfaces it is better to have a flow rate of at least 450 l / h.

The choice of engine power depends on the use and frequency of use; higher values ​​lead to a better efficiency of the machine but also to a not indifferent energy consumption, so we recommend at least 1400 W and, for prolonged use, at least 3000 W.

The pressure indicates instead the force with which the water is irrigated; most of the models are characterized by a continuous jet, which therefore always uses the same pressure, but if it were to clean even the most delicate surfaces, there are also pressure washers with pressure selection. In general, it is good to opt for a pressure between 100 and 150 bar. It is also important to opt for a comfortable, handy and relatively light pressure washer, so that it can be transported with ease (to be preferred are models with wheels). More compact models will also be less cumbersome.

How to use the pressure washer

The pressure washer is the ideal machine for the effective cleaning of outdoor and indoor environments, thanks to the power created by high water pressure. In general, a high pressure produces a precise and powerful jet of water, while a lower pressure creates a wider and uniform jet, but not particularly powerful; these are characteristics to be taken into consideration when cleaning surfaces and different environments. From the washing of the external floors, the garden and the terrace, to the removal of mold and moss from the walls and fences of the house, the powerful jet of the high pressure washer will be particularly useful to eliminate even the most stubborn types of dirt without difficulty.

For the cleaning of glass and stained glass you can use a fairly powerful jet, but we recommend to pay attention to any fixtures and wooden frames. To avoid damaging the most delicate materials, it is advisable to try the casting on a hidden corner before washing. With the help of specific detergents, the pressure washer can also be used to wash cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even garden furniture, always paying attention to the power of the jet. It is also useful for washing interior floors, whether they are tiles, marble or parquet, ensuring optimal results even with moderate revenue.
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