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The processor is a fundamental tool for any computer device, first of all the personal computer. The processor has a CPU that is responsible for processing program data and for coordinating other internal or external units.

Running the programs, surfing the internet or doing anything else would be impossible if Intel did not create the first microprocessor in the story. About forty years ago, in fact, the IT giant has created the Intel 4004.

Today, the processors on the market are infinitely faster and consume much less energy than the first models; but today as then every device needs a processor suitable for its functions.

The characteristics of the processors

The CPU, which is the central processing unit of the processors on the market, has:

• A CU, that is a control unit that allows to execute instructions by reading and storing information.

• An ALU, that is an arithmetic and logical unit, which performs these operations.

• Registers, such as the IP or the flags, through which information is quickly accessed.

How to choose a processor

To choose the most suitable processor it is important to consider:

• Calculation speed: the higher, the more powerful the processor is.

• Core: multicore processors are more powerful than single cores.

• The speed at which the system bus communicates with the chipset.

As a result, a processor can be purchased based on the intended use of the computer. There are models that are not very powerful, but sufficient for light navigation or the use of social networks, such as those with two 3.6 GHz cores. There are also models designed for gaming at the highest levels, such as those with 4 cores, 8 thread and 4.5 GHz frequency.

Those who need high performance, however, can choose processors with 8 cores, 16 threads and a frequency of 4 GHz. Finally, there are sinks to be installed to prevent the processors from overheating.

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