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Waking up in the morning is a struggle for many. Thanks to modern projection clocks, which break the patterns of traditional alarm clocks with an annoying sound, it won't be so difficult to get up. Through a built-in projector it will be possible to view the projection of the time and the alarm on the walls of your room or in any room you want to place the projection clock.

How to choose the projection alarm clock

The projection clock offers a series of additional functions compared to the more classic models. One of the features common to all these types of alarm clocks is to show the time with a LED light projection on the walls of the house, thus avoiding the unnerving ticking of the hands.

Therefore, other characteristics vary:

- Fixed or rotating projection: depending on the clock, the time can be visible in a fixed point or it can be easily moved to any point on the wall, if fitted with a revolving projector. Some models allow rotation up to 180 °.

- Projection of additional elements: apart from showing the exact time numbers, many projection clocks also have the option to display the day, month and year, but also the internal temperature and humidity level.

- Projection activation mode: in order not to excessively consume the battery, most alarm clock models with LCD projector turn off after a certain number of seconds. So, to be able to view the time and the alarm you will have to press on the clock or, in some cases, you will simply need to clap your hands. Thanks to a sound sensor the projection will be activated immediately.

- Power supply: most models are powered by AAA batteries; other types of watches also have the possibility of being recharged via a USB cable.

- Stars, moon and music: different alarm clocks have among their functions also to project the stars of the sky, the moon and even to accompany these projections with the music of your choice.

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