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Although it's hard to imagine, even Mike Tyson, Muhhamed Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson were once novices in the boxing world. This is a sport in which, to achieve great results, you need high doses of sweat, occasional tears and many, many bruises.

Before going to a ring to fight for the champion belt, long hours of training are necessary and, an indispensable element for learning and perfecting this sport is the punching bag.

What types of punching bags can I buy?

The bags of boxing are not only useful when training boxing, but can be very effective for training other martial arts. Some of the bag models you will find on our page are the following:

• Pears: They are smaller sacks with a tear shape hanging from the ceiling or some support. The so-called speed sacks are more indicated to develop the dexterity than the force.

• Punchings: In this case the bag, also of small size, is held vertically and quickly returns to its position after impact. It helps to improve the accuracy and accuracy of the shots. It is also very useful for the development of reflexes because, if you do not dodge in time, you can hit by the rebound effect.

• Soil bags: These bags, generally large, have a ground base for support.

• Heavy bags: In this category you will find high load boxing bags, usually higher than 30kg. These bags are very useful for training the strength and power of the upper body.

These sacks can be filled with various materials such as sand, corn, foam, textiles and we can even find inflatable boxing bags. Some include metals, which increases the weight and, therefore, the resistance they offer to the blows.

Which is better: a punching bag or a punching ball?

This will depend on the type of training you want:

• If what interests you is to increase the power and strength of your blows, the ideal would be to acquire a punching bag of great weight and size.

• If, on the other hand, you are interested in developing your reflexes, aim and speed, what would be best for you would be a punching ball.

How much does a punching bag weigh?

A standard punching bag weighs about 45 kilos. If you are new to the practice of this sport, it is recommended that you acquire a bag that weighs half of what you weigh. As you progress in your training you will be able to acquire higher weight bags. It is interesting that you consult the technical descriptions of the product, since some models offer the possibility of varying their weight, so that you can adapt them to the demands of your training.

Why practice boxing?

Boxing is one of the most complete sports that exist. It helps, above all, to train the upper train -formed by arms, shoulders, chest, back and abdomen-, although it also requires an important set of legs, which helps to tone the lower train. There are numerous benefits associated with the practice of this sport, and not only on a physical level, but also, it is a therapeutic sport that helps to release adrenaline and, consequently, makes us feel more relaxed. It also helps us to increase our confidence in ourselves and increases our reflexes.