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Take your baby in the right stroller for a walk

Once your baby is old enough to go on excursions, a pushchair or stroller is essential for trips to the store, the zoo, or almost anywhere else. You can choose the car for your little one from a variety of models. An ordinary buggy has a triangular or rectangular basic shape. Triangular versions have a front wheel and two rear wheels, rectangular versions corresponding to two wheels in front and two behind. There are also convertible buggies that adapt to the needs of your growing child. So they may have parts that support the head of a newborn, but later can be converted into a seat. Buggy travel systems use the child seat for the car instead of a conventional buggy seat. The child seat snaps securely into the buggy when needed. Some travel systems are already equipped with a seat, in others you have to buy a compatible child seat even more.

Security features and standards

Safety is paramount in every stroller model. Make sure the devices are suitable for the age and weight of your child. This ensures that the children's sports car maintains the right center of gravity and does not tip over. The buggy should also have a harness that keeps the baby or toddler in place while driving. Some may be equipped with bumpers as an extra safety measure to prevent your child from falling out of the stroller. If you choose a buggy travel system, make sure it complies with the latest EU standards. All buggies are also equipped with brake levers that should be out of the reach of your child's fingers. Some strollers have two ratchet wheels on the front or back as an extra safety measure in case your child reaches the brake release lever. Some buggies have large rubber wheels, which do not get stuck on stony ground or grass, which also prevents accidental tipping. Others use rotatable, plastic track wheels that provide easy maneuverability. You should maintain the wheels on buggies and buggy travel systems and replace them if necessary.

Tips for choosing materials

Pay close attention to the material of the childrens sports car, so that your child has it comfortably. Soft materials such as polyester and cotton ensure a comfortable ride. Many covers can be removed and washed. Other parts such as rain covers, sunroofs and sleeping covers make the ride in the stroller pleasant for your child in any weather. Many buggies have adjustable seats that can be adjusted for sleeping or sitting upright. For older children, built-in footrests are indispensable.

Height and weight

Pay close attention to the weight and size of the child's sports car before buying. The stroller should be big enough to fit in the trunk of your car and so compact that it does not get in the way of the hallway. Most devices fold easily when not in use, with some easier to fold than others. If you often need to lift or carry the buggy travel system, you should take one that is made of lighter materials such as a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum instead of a steel frame.

Important: enough storage space

It is dangerous to hang bags on the handles of the pushchair as the buggy could tip over. Therefore, it is also important that the children's sports car has enough storage space. Many models are equipped with pockets at the back of the seat or baskets under the seat, which are ideal for storing, for example, diapers and blankets for the ride with your child. Safety, comfort and simplicity are essential elements of any buggy travel system or pushchair. We offer numerous different strollers and accessories for you and your child.