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The rake: the indispensable tool for garden maintenance

Essential for all outdoor gardening work, such as leveling or collecting dead leaves, the rake is a solid horticultural tool, essential for everyday life. Allowing for the maintenance of the garden without having to bend down, the rake is composed of several teeth, as well as a handle. Its shape and dimensions vary significantly depending on the nature of the work to be done.

Which gardening rake to prioritize for what needs?

There are two types of rakes designed for different jobs. The traditional model, intended for the leveling of materials, is recommended to flatten the soil and move soil. For the cleaning of the surfaces including the gathering of dead leaves or grass, it is better to opt for a rake said "fan", provided with a head endowed with several thin and long branches.

How to choose your gardening rake?

- Favor a rake whose length of the handle is adapted to your own size, in order to be able to use it comfortably during several hours.

- Opt for a curved model if you want to move gravel. As for straight teeth, they are ideal for leveling the ground and making it more loose.

- Bet on a garden rake with a short handle, which will be more manageable for planting and maintenance of potted plants, a garden on a balcony or a rock garden.