Recurve Bows

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Although it is often referred to as reflex arc, the word "recurve" (in English: "bend" or "bend back") stands for the typical feature of this type of bow: The limbs are bent back at the outer edges and show in the tensioned state of the archer path. Already in the 6th century AD, there should have been this arc. In sport archery, recurve bows are known today as the "Olympic Recurve" with visor and stabilizers.

How is a recurve bow structured?

In addition to the feature of the bent-back edges, the recurve bow also consists of a central part. The limbs are usually attached to this by means of screws. Before assembly, the bow thus takes up little space, which is very convenient for transport.

Due to the special limbs, which are very elastic, but also stable, comparatively much energy can be stored in a small space.

What should I look for when buying a recurve bow?

With this type of bow, you should always pay attention to the quality. The limbs should be easily interchangeable, the handle ergonomically shaped. The latter is especially important for beginners of archery, because the counter-force that one experiences when shooting, is not always very easy to cushion. Of course, the bow should not slip out of your hand.

Also suitable for beginners is an arrow rest that makes shooting easier. Even more starting aid is a centerpiece to be expanded, which can be equipped with visors, stabilizers or aiming aids.

Although the replaceable limbs give you a lot of freedom in designing your recurve bow, it is not entirely nonsensical to pay attention to the right size right from the start. You should make the size of the bow dependent on your height. The selection is large and can be customized. The same applies to the draw weight, which you should adjust to your body weight.