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Did you know that red wine is one of the oldest drinks in human history? Evidence of this is an approximately 8,000-year-old wine press excavated by archaeologists in Syrian Damascus. To this day, the popularity of this wonderful vine juice is unbroken. In former times a true luxury, which only the wealthy could enjoy, there are today red wines in all price and quality classes. The price does not necessarily say something about the quality, because extremely expensive wines are often more of a status symbol than a really good drop. And even with red wines is the well-known motto: The tastes are different!

Which red wine suits which food?

The variety of grape varieties is now as diverse as human taste - over 10,000 are now expected to be worldwide. Standing in the supermarket in front of the wine rack, that can be quite overwhelming. And so the question arises again and again: Which red wine do I serve with which meal? The answer is not that difficult. It is important that food and wine are harmoniously balanced. Serve heavy red wines more in winter and lighter, fruity reds in summer. This is no different than with the food itself - in winter you like to eat more hearty, in the summer easier. Avoid passing a rather acidic red wine to an acidic dish - that's too much of a good thing. On the other hand, a sweet dessert is best for a sweet dessert. If the food is spicy, you should put an aromatic or strong drop against it. A decent red wine goes under the taste here. To dark meats such as lamb, game or beef are dry red wines with higher alcohol content ideal. For poultry, it does not necessarily have to be white wine, but also a light, well with the sauce coordinated red wine fits very well. For salads, fish and vegetarian dishes, white wine is usually the better choice. But these guidelines are not set in stone. Again, rely on your taste and your feeling and dare you even a bold combination!

Merlot, Shiraz & Co

Red grape varieties need a warmer climate than white grape varieties. Therefore, red wine comes mostly from South America, South Africa, Australia or the Mediterranean countries. Red wines from warmer areas are stronger in flavor and have a higher alcohol content. Red wines from a cooler region are fruity, milder and lighter. Among the best known and most popular varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Zinfandel. The Merlot is mainly produced in France and Italy. It is supple and velvety and goes well with game, beef, stews and hard cheese.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a native Frenchman with an intense, fruity aroma. It is the perfect complement to dark meat and fatty dishes.

The Shiraz is a noble vine, which is cultivated mainly in South Africa, the USA and Australia. This full red wine with a strong berry flavor goes well with savory and greasy dishes and can also be served well with a barbecue.

The Zinfandel comes mainly from California and is prized for its rich, fruity aroma. He often has a high alcohol content. It tastes to hearty vegetable dishes, pasta with strong sauce and even to chocolate.

How do I store red wine correctly?

Ideally, store red wine in a cool, dark cellar at an average temperature of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, there is also a place in the apartment that offers similar conditions. Make sure that your red wine is not exposed to large temperature fluctuations, intense light and strong odors. More than 20 degrees are unfavorable in the long run, should the good drop last longer. Red wines should be stored lying down with conventional corks. Bottles with plastic corks, screw caps or bottle caps can wait standing for their consumption.