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Those who like to jog in the evening know that this endeavor can prove dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to wear reflectors while running. These come in the form of reflective ribbons, vests and LED lights that can be attached to clothing. Cyclists can also attach special reflectors to the bike spokes for additional protection.

What types of reflectors are there?

If you need a reflector primarily for jogging, it's important that it does not interfere with your running: Reflective bracelets work best here. Even a vest can be used in bad weather. When hiking a trekking pole with a reflective tape is a good solution. Cyclists are recommended to provide both their own person and the bike with reflectors.

How to choose the right reflectors?

- What is the reflector needed for? If you jog in the evening or at night with poor to mediocre lighting, often a reflective armband is sufficient. The same applies to pedestrians and dogwalkers. If you engage in outdoor activities even in inclement weather, it is advisable to wear a reflective vest or lamp. - Where are you traveling at night? On very dark running tracks it is recommended to use a headlamp. Lamps emit active light, which not only warn others, but also create better running conditions for the runner himself. Most headlamps focus the light so that the runner clearly sees the running track in front of him.