Remote Controlled Helicopters

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Flying, going beyond one of the physical limits of human nature, has always fascinated and constituted a challenge for inventors and travelers.

Although the first constructor of a winged object was the mathematician and philosopher Archita da Taranto (4th century BC), the most famous inventor and designer of flying machines, including an ancestor of the modern helicopter, was Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance.

Differentiated into many types depending on the range, speed and purpose, the aircraft we have today are extremely sophisticated and, thanks to the incessant research in the field of play and modeling, it is easy to find radio-controlled models true to reality .

Even if the demolition of the border of the sky is a goal that would seem to have now been reached, the fascination for the flight seems not to have absolutely limited and still affects young and old.

Hence the success of radio-controlled airplanes and helicopters, models cared for in every detail, capable of entertaining adults and children of all ages, but also indispensable means to get shots and photos from high resolution (eg: modern radio-controlled drones) ).

The main categories of radio-controlled helicopters

Radio-controlled helicopters are the ideal pastime for modeling enthusiasts or those who are simply fascinated by flying and love spending their days outdoors, perhaps in the company of their children.

Before buying a product of this type, you need to consider various aspects, so as to choose a safe and quality device, able to meet all expectations.

On the market there are two main categories of radio-controlled helicopters, distinguished according to their type of power supply: the integrated battery models and those with petrol.

The first category includes cheaper and easier to use machines. They are the most suitable for children and do not require any management costs, except for any spare parts and a spare battery that compensates for the possible failure of the main.

Radio controlled airplanes and helicopters with petrol engines, on the other hand, are semi-professional and often the buyer has to assemble the various components. Generally larger than the battery powered models, they are able to reach higher speeds and therefore require greater skill for use and periodic fuel refueling.

The quadricoptera and the drones

Radio controlled helicopters are essential allies for shooting and taking good photos from above.

To achieve the highest resolution of high quality images and videos, you need to use a professional HD high resolution drone that emits limited vibrations.

Quadricopters, equipped with four rotating blades, are ideal for this purpose. There are many models, included in different price ranges and with greater or lesser ease of use.

Among the most advanced quadricopters, there are those equipped with a high density air pressure sensor, which allows them to resist the wind and to maintain the height accurately. Also you can find models equipped with colored LED light, which makes the device suitable for night flight.