Remote Controlled Robots

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Since they appeared for the first time in the drama "Rossum universali di Rossum" (1920) by the Czech writer Karel Čapek, robots have become a fixed point of the imaginary: artificial beings, totally or partially mechanical, created in the image and the likeness of man and at the service of the latter.

Unavoidable that these automata captured the imagination of children: not as work machines, but as special friends, equipped with metal voices, with eyes capable of throwing laser beams and superhuman strength. So natural that even today are among the most popular products in the toy industry, with self-propelled and remote-controlled models.

Types of robot toys available

Thanks to technological advances, today more and more technological robot toys are available.

The simplest models, also ideal for children over 5 years, can be controlled remotely via small remote controls. Acting on the keys you can make the robot move in all directions, activate their LED lights and make them pronounce pre-recorded phrases. Others are also able to shoot small plastic disks, to simulate science fiction wars.

In some models there are also motion sensors, thanks to which it is possible to issue orders and instructions to the robot without using a remote control but with hand gestures. They can also avoid obstacles as they walk, almost as if they saw them.

A big step ahead of many models currently on the market is the ability to simply recharge them via USB cable.

For older children there are models to be assembled: in addition to having to be mechanically built, these robots must also be programmed to perform more actions and complex operations through programs downloadable on computers or apps for tablets and smartphones. Through Bluetooth connections, it will be possible to drive your creature remotely using the phone, making it move through rough paths or transporting objects.