Remote Controlled Toys

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Radio controlled vehicles, a transgenerational hobby

Having fun with a radio control toy always puts a smile on the lips of the person who uses it. Helicopters and planes fly away, boats wander on water and robots, cars and other motorcycles engage in crazy racing. Radio control technologies and devices are constantly evolving with the development of increasingly sophisticated drones and robots.

Which radio control device for which age?

Radio control devices are accessible to children and adults who love model making. From the age of 3, a child can learn to use the basic commands, move forward, backward, turn. Growing up, coordination and experience improve; the models are more and more interesting too. Autonomy time will be essential. From adolescence and for adults, radio controlled devices such as drones offer technological and technical interest.

How to choose radio control vehicles?

- Define first the category of radio control devices that interests you between plane, car, helicopter, robot, boat ... Then select vehicles adapted to the age of the user, often revealing a technology more or less advanced or complicated.

- Examine the functions available to the radio control vehicle: all terrain vehicles, missile launch helicopters, camera drones, etc.

- Consider the power mode and battery life: a USB rechargeable battery or electric current is more cost effective than a battery pack.