Replacement Covers for Car Mirrors

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Original mirror covers give your car that certain something. Consider, for example, the many different versions in which mirror caps are available for the Mini Cooper: from the British flag in the Austin Powers style to black and white checkered mirror covers, there is a lot here! Mirror caps made of carbon are particularly popular - they look classy without being too noticeable. When buying new mirror covers, it's important that they match the model of your car.

What must be considered when buying mirror covers?

It is important that the mirror caps match your car mirrors. Although there are cars with standard mirrors, many models have a special mirror shape that only fits special mirror caps. It is also important that when changing and attaching the new mirror covers no gluing is required and the mirrors are not damaged.

How to choose the right mirror covers?

- For which car are the mirror covers needed? Make sure the mirror caps fit your cart. This is especially important so that the exterior mirrors are not damaged. The quality is also important, because mirror caps must be weather-resistant and scratch-resistant.- Which mirror covers fit the look of your car? With so many designs available, it's hard to choose. Actually, nothing speaks against flashy or even shrill mirror caps - the main thing, it's fun! - Which mirrors should the caps fit? Most mirror caps are tailored to standard mirrors. If you have sports mirrors, these mirror caps will not fit.