Rice Cookers

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From arborio rice to basmati rice, from carnaroli to ribe rice: no matter what the rice is at the base of a recipe, all that is needed for the easy and efficient cooking of this food is a rice cooker. The benefits of rice as a staple in your diet are related to the nutritional properties that make it the most complete cereal, with a high content of fiber and vitamins; however, the secret to making the most of all the nutritional aspects of rice is the right dosage of the ingredients and the cooking method.

How to choose the rice cooker

The first models of risottiera or electric rice cookers were designed in Japan under the name of "suihanki" and the types of household appliances available today still have the same basic operating methods.

The rice cooker as a household appliance comes in the form of a traditional pot but with a special inner bowl that is simply filled with water and rice. This allows you to cook the food without added fats and to be able to season them separately later. The cooking generally takes place at a temperature of 100 degrees and all the energy is concentrated in the vaporization of the water, absorbed in part by the rice itself.

There are also systems that prevent rice from boiling dry, with potential damage to the machine and to the user. Some kitchens are also provided with a heating mode that allows you to keep the rice warm, up to the time of actual use, so you can serve the dish at different times. A system of lights and audio signals facilitates the use of the cooking experience by warning about the cooking status, the missing minutes and other additional functions that depend on the model.

With all the existing types of rice, some rice cookers are created for the specific cooking of rice for sushi, risotto or, integrated with food processors, they perform other important functions for cooking other types of food. But electric models are not the only types of rice cooker available on the market: there are, for example, silicone models that work in microwave and are also ideal for cooking other cereals.