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Many want a large garden, but almost no one is aware of the work associated with it. If the plot is larger than 400 square meters, the one or the other garden owner comes up with a lot of sweat. If the plot also consists of a large, continuous lawn, this often means hours of mowing. A ride-on mower can make your job a lot easier in this case.

What is a ride-on mower?

A ride-on lawnmower is a purpose-built lawnmower tractor for homeowners that gardeners can sit comfortably in. With a powerful gasoline engine it behaves like a small vehicle. Unlike conventional lawn mowers, a ride-on lawn mower has a large cutting width, which makes mowing much quicker. The cutting width of ride-on mowers is between 50 and 100 centimeters - meaning that you spend less time mowing lawns and have more time to enjoy your property with friends and family.

For which plot are riding mowers suitable?

As a rule, ride-on lawnmowers are recommended if the corresponding plot or total lawn area is larger than 400 square meters. For flat plots, the larger the grass area, the greater the width of the ride-on mower.

However, because land is not always flat and often different in texture, there are ride-on mowers that adapt to the needs of different land or gardens.

For example, if you have a lot of trees and shrubs on your property, it pays to buy a small ride-on mower. Although they have a small cutting width, but they are agile. This makes it easy to navigate the ride-on lawn mower and easily get past natural obstacles, even if the mowing process takes a bit longer.

For land that is hilly and uneven, a ride-on mower should have one

powerful engine can be selected. This will minimize the risk of getting stuck on the hill and the risk of the riding mower tipping over and injuring you in the worst case. For this reason, riding mowers with at least 18hp and a four-stroke engine are recommended.

What are the advantages of a ride-on mower?

The advantages are obvious. A curb mower not only shortens the lengthy and sweaty work, but also makes it much easier. Sit up, start and drive off. But riding mowers have another advantage that will make your life a lot easier. Because a ride-on lawnmower can be a multifunction device with the right accessories.

With a suitable trailer for your ride-on mower, you'll never have to haul back bothersome branches, shrubs and other clippings. A trailer is easy to assemble and often holds out a lot. Plastic or steel trailers are available with or without tilt function as needed. So the transport of garden goods is fast and easy by hand.

With the right accessories, you can turn your ride-on lawnmower into a lawn sweeper to sweep up excess grass or clear your garden of leaves in the fall. Very handy is also the additional purchase of a rake, which is attached to the rear of the Aufsitzmähers. This can rid you of hard-to-reach areas of annoying weeds. Your back will thank you later.

But even in winter, a riding lawn mower is a good alternative to snow shovels and brooms, because with the right accessories your riding lawn mower can be used in winter. All you need to do is mount a snow plow to the front of your ride-on lawn mower. In addition, you can attach a spreader to the ride-on lawnmower, which ensures that no ice forms on your doorstep.
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