Rocking Chairs

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Legend has it that Benjamin Franklin was behind the creation of the rocking chair. However, it would seem that this siege, which has become a cult throughout the centuries, was invented in England. Also known as rocking chair, the rocking chair is today an essential piece of furniture that continues to be modernized.

What are the benefits of rocking chairs for health?

Trendy object, the rocking chair invades more and more our interiors. Rather pleasant and ultimately timeless, its vintage design seduces and detaches more and more from the outdated image that is often attributed to him. Nevertheless, the use of the rocking chair does not stop there. It is not just a decorative object or a piece of functional furniture. Its strengths prove to be multiple and its health benefits scientifically proven. Indeed, the rocking movement from front to back, induced by its curved structure, recalls a relaxing rocking. In addition, the body feels weightless by positioning in alignment with its center of gravity. The muscular efforts are therefore significantly reduced, which creates immediate appeasement. Many mothers breastfeed their newborns on a rocking chair, which allows them to calm the infant and feed him with complete peace of mind. Evoking the movement of the cradle, the arms that rock the child or even the one felt by the embryo in the stomach during pregnancy, rocking chairs have powers over the psyche: they give an impression of peace, serenity and comfort. But they are also ideal for relieving back or leg pain and preventing heart, as well as respiratory problems.

How to choose the rocking chair that suits you?

- Select your seat type according to the use you want to make. Do you need a soft seat or an adjustable footrest? Depending on the model, the rocking lounge chairs offer a variety of options that make them ideal for people who want to relax while watching TV or enjoying a moment of rest in the corner of a room, close to a window.

- Favor the rocking chair if your desire is to breastfeed your child or rock him in your arms. Seniors will also appreciate this practical, comfortable and curative seat. In addition, if your space is small, this type of chair will take up less space, for example, than the rocking lounge chairs.

- Bet on iron models, optimal for gardens and balconies. The surface treatment and the anti-rust coating allow them to resist the water. Rain will not be a problem, nor warm or low temperatures. In any season, your rocking chair can stay outside. What to enjoy fully as soon as the beautiful days come.

- Do not neglect the design: indoors, this type of seat is an ornament with incomparable charm, which will add cachet to your home. Wood, rattan, plastic ... The choice of materials is not lacking.