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Roller skates are a sport, a means of transportation or a hobby. Roller skates, also known as quad rollers, appeared in 1963. Roller skates are a shoe, a plate and wheels mounted on ball bearings. Roller skates or quad rollers are also used for roller derby which is an aggressive race practiced mostly by women. The goal of the game is to designate a player wearing roller skates and to overcome in a period of time the opponents also wearing roller skates without being thrown to the ground. This sport has become international and many leagues have been created. Recently, the film Bliss by Drew Barymore put forward this discipline. At the very beginning, roller skates were usually made of wood. There was only a flat base where 4 casters were fixed on each side. There were two thongs that allowed to hang the roller skates to his own shoes. It is only much later that shoes mounted on wheels appear. Before, roller skates were variable in size, all sizes could be fixed on roller skates. Those are the ice skates that inspired the creators of roller skates.
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