Roofed Wicker Beach Chairs

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Not only at resorts and seaside resorts they are to be found. A beach chair in your own garden ensures a relaxed holiday feeling even at home. Whether sitting or lying down, with a glass of wine or your favorite book, not relaxing here is almost impossible. The covered wicker protects you from the wind and rain and makes it comfortable outside during the autumn transitional season. In many countries you can see the beach chair as a sign of German comfort.

The right underground

When it comes to setting up the beach chair, so the right substrate should be selected in any case. A permanent placement on a lawn surface is not recommended because the beach chair is otherwise permanently exposed to moisture and moisture. It sits on the terrace or a specially installed underground already better. For example, if you would like to set up your beach chair near the garden pond, you can lay a stone area and then place the beach chair on it.

Also to be considered

When choosing the right beach chair, there are a few more things to keep in mind: • The frame should be made of weather-resistant and high quality wood. The re-tensioning should be made of the easy-care and UV-resistant poly rattan. • For optimum comfort, the backrests should be adjustable and the footrests extendable. For multi-seats, the seats should be independently adjustable. • The padding should ideally be at least 6 centimeters thick. The fabric should ideally be tear resistant, robust and water repellent. • If your beach chair has an awning, it should be tiltable so that you can position it after the sun has moved. • You should also be able to adjust the neck cushions and side tables. Furthermore, it is convenient if the pillows have a peelable cover, so you can just wash them.