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Train all the muscles with the rowing machine

The oarsman, or remoergometer, is a gym machine able to reproduce the movements and muscular stresses that normally occur when the oars of a canoe are operated. Thanks to it you can train comfortably at home, getting the benefits of an exercise that invigorates almost all the main muscle groups of the human body. With this particular tool you can make a complete workout and also very expensive from the energy point of view: you can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

What tones the rower?

Thanks to its particular structure and the perfect rowing simulation, the rower allows practicing almost all the muscles of the body. In fact, the muscles that the rower involves in training are the backbones, the shoulders and the muscles of the legs, followed by the buttocks, the biceps and even the abdominals. Among the advantages of using this tool is the possibility of tonifying the so-called "antagonist muscles" which, if neglected as often happens, can contribute to the onset of postural problems and joint pains.

How to choose a rowing machine?

- In case of frequent use, opt for models with central traction, which guarantee a better balance of effort and greater stability

- The wheels of the rowers range from 4 kg of the basic models to over 13 kg of the top of the range. Remember that the greater the weight of the flywheel, the better the stability and fluidity of the movements will be

- If you have space problems, better buy a rower with a folding frame
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