Rugby Balls

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Enjoy your favorite sport with a good rugby ball

If you are passionate about rugby, one of the oldest, cleanest and most interesting sports that exist, you must count, obligatorily, with a good ball in your equipment. And is that, along with the shirt of your favorite team, appropriate shorts and protective elements such as knee and elbow pads, is part of the set of essential elements for this discipline.

What shape does the rugby ball have?

The rugby ball has an oval shape, as you have already noticed. This is a more casual issue than you could imagine. In particular, it is because, at the dawn of this sport, the first balls were manufactured from bladders of animals that, when inflated shortly after the death of these, did not have an exactly round shape. This was accentuated with the placement of the first ceramic air valves. Little by little, it was taken as a custom, until the official regulation specified that this should be the case.

How to choose a rugby ball?

- Choose according to your level and your use. There are balls that are made of foam, rubber and synthetic fabrics that, respectively, serve to start in this sport, to practice it in wet conditions or for competition.

- Pay attention to the size. Adults play with balls of size 5. However, for children to start learning to play, it is best to buy a smaller one.

- Analyzes its pressure and stability characteristics. The better they are, the greater the performance offered by the ball.