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Choosing a good pair of rugby shoes is crucial because it is a fundamental accessory for players. Whether it's to protect players' tendons or help them stay stable, a good pair of shoes created specifically for rugby is essential to their well-being and safety.

How to choose a pair of rugby shoes?

Nowadays, there are several models available, each model being adapted to the position of the player. What was not the case before: there was only one model of shoes for all players. The choice of cleated shoes will therefore depend on the nature of the rugby field on which the player is playing and the position occupied.

First, take into account the quality of the terrain when buying a pair of rugby shoes. If the player plays on a pitch composed of so-called synthetic or dry lawn, he will need a pair of shoes with molded soles. However, crampons are irreplaceable on this type of shoes. Once damaged, the shoes are therefore to replace. On soil or wet ground, shoes with stabilized soles are necessary. The crampons of these shoes can be changed to keep the shoes in optimal condition over a longer period of time.

We must also take into account the position that the player holds during training and games because it will determine which pair of shoes to buy. Some parts of the pair of shoes change depending on the position of the player. For example, the upper of the shoe will be more robust for the pack players and more flexible for the back line players.
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