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Every rider and stable owner knows that horses have to be looked after and nurtured. Horse blankets are standard equipment and play an important role for many a horse owner. By wearing a blanket, the horse is protected from flies and other annoying insects, the fur is less stressed and after a strenuous ride the horse blanket allows the animal to dry faster and thus prevents colds.

What types of horse blankets are there?

Basically, the different types of horse blankets can be divided into summer and winter blankets. Fly and eczema blankets are made of fine-meshed netting and are used in summer to protect the horse from insect bites and the skin diseases they cause. Stable ceilings and rugs made of water-repellent material are ideal for the winter and the transitional season. Sweat rugs are made of moisture absorbing materials and are used after training to help the horse dry faster.

How to choose suitable horse blankets?

- How is the climate? In case of frequent rain, a lightly padded outdoor rug with impregnated outer layer is recommended. Sweat rugs are the all-rounder among horse rugs and are suitable for various weather conditions.

- To which horse should the blanket fit? For horses that move a lot, a free-moving blanket is best. Showhorses are often sensitive to weather changes, so kidney corners are required for such animals. It is also important to consider the size of the horse, because horse blankets are offered in different sizes and fits.