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Even in spite of the most loving and careful care of your beloved car or motorcycle, it is at some point impossible to prevent - the first rust spots are noticeable on the paint, on the rims, or on the exhaust. The brownish rust spots not only look ugly, but can multiply incredibly fast and destroy the affected components over time. Basically, rust is caused by the oxidation of the metal with oxygen and water. Without protective coating, all metals would begin to rust within a very short time. Rust expands quickly due to the oxidation process and absorbs any moisture. Smallest damage to the coating can thus cause large rust damage, unless it is treated as soon as possible. The rapid expansion causes cracks in the paint and can in the worst case even peel off. Although the rust problem can hardly be prevented and it does not disappear by itself, we still have a solution for desperate car enthusiasts who like to bring their favorite vehicle to a high gloss and keep. The little helpers call themselves rust converter. They are easy to use and let your car shine again by turning the rust on the affected iron parts into iron.

How do rust converters work?

Rust converters are mostly liquid or creamy substances that can be sold and stored in small cans or tubes. As the name suggests, the oxidation process is stopped from iron to rust and vice versa. Thus, the resulting rust is converted back into iron. Although the result of the converted surface is not quite as shiny as before, rust converters can achieve very good results, especially in the car. The chemical transformation is initiated by the phosphoric acid contained in the substance, which forms the most effective component. Many rust converters also work on the basis of tannin, surfactants and other additives, such as degreaser and reaction accelerator, which are added. In most cases primers or topcoats are also added.

How and where are rust converters used?

Rust converters are very easy to use and are optimally suited to repair and get rid of small rust spots, such as on the exhaust, on the rims or on the paint. For longer-lasting protection, it is recommended to remove rust from the affected surface with a metal brush or sandpaper. Thereafter, the rust converter can be applied by large-scale brushing. The substance should now be absorbed and dried for about 20 minutes. Thereafter, the desired paint can be easily applied again, unless this is already contained in the rust converter anyway.

In principle, it should be noted, however, that rust transducers, especially on the car, can only provide satisfactory results if the rust attack is still manageable and has not yet spread over the entire metal. Especially the so-called flash rust, which refers to rusting iron particles, which are located on the surface and caused by a layer of dirt, can be well controlled. It can be problematic if the rust has already penetrated deeper layers. Therefore, the affected areas should be treated as soon as possible to prevent worse. If your car is already affected by a major rust damage, you should contact a specialist.

Thus, rust converters are ideal for treating individual areas, but not for a large-scale application. Nevertheless, the little helpers can make unsightly places look attractive again.