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Enjoy fun and speed with a scooter

Whether for adults or children, scooters provide an exciting, fast and practical way of getting around. When choosing, consider the weight, size and size of the rider. All scooters have a maximum permissible weight - exceeding this may reduce the life of the unit. It is also important to pay attention to the shoe size, as it helps to determine the appropriate size of the footboard. If this were too short, your toes might be too close to the front wheel, so the footboard should be slightly longer than your feet. Many running boards are non-slip and specially shaped for greater safety and comfort. The handlebar should be at belly height - many scooters offer an adjustable handlebar. Most have non-slip handles for more grip.

The wheels of a scooter determine speed and stability. Many have extra-large, high-suspension tires that allow them to roll safely and easily on uneven ground. There are also models for small children with three wheels, two in the front and one in the back. The third wheel increases stability and helps the child to practice.

Most scooters have a stainless steel or aluminum frame and plastic or rubber elements. Stainless steel models are tough and durable, while aluminum ones are lighter. Many are also collapsible for transportation and storage. Some have shoulder straps so you can carry the scooter over your shoulder or on your back when you are not using it.

Also look for models that offer more accessories to increase safety, comfort and entertainment. These include footrests, covers, reflectors and stickers. For added fun, some scooters have funky colors and designs.

View a large selection of scooters in different sizes and styles. Pay attention to the size of the footboard, the accessories and the height of the handlebars, to find the model that best suits your needs.