Seat Belts

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Seat belts are one of the most important protection systems available to any type of car. Their purpose is to prevent (or at least reduce) the traumas that the driver or passengers may suffer in the event of a traffic accident.

Sudden braking, a collision or a collision between vehicles can cause more or less violent impacts against the surfaces of the passenger compartment or even catapult the driver and passengers out of the means of transport, with sometimes fatal consequences.

The correct use of the belt, accompanied by a functioning airbag, is the most effective prevention and protection system.

The seat belts are in fact equipped with a pretensioner, a device that at the moment of impact locks the belt ensuring the protection of the vital organs of the passenger and the dissipation of the kinetic energy of the body projected forward.

Seat belt accessories

Although the safety belt guarantees 50% less fatal accidents and despite its use is mandatory for any type of car, cases in which it is not worn because it is considered too uncomfortable are frequent.

In order to make the safety belt as comfortable as possible, a wide choice of padding is available which, thanks to the practical Velcro system, can be easily applied to all car belts.

In addition to the more sober and elegant models, colored belt covers or decorated with highly original patterns are available, to make this essential safety device not only more comfortable, but also more fun for children of all ages.

How to choose seat belts

Alongside classic safety belts, there are specific types that adapt to the needs of different passengers, such as models for pregnant women.

The use of the belt during pregnancy is the safest protection for both mother and fetus, provided that no part of the device tightens the belly.

As for children or very low people, the use of the belt could be difficult, so it is advisable to raise the seat level by using seats to which it is possible to apply the support for the safety of the infant's head.