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The shower in your own home is usually not only for the purpose of cleaning the body. Usually this also offers a real feel-good factor. For example, if you come home after an exhausting but good round of sport and can now relax under the running water. Or if you are finally allowed to jump under the cold water after a hot summer day. Even the warm shower just before going to sleep gives you an extra dose of cosiness and makes you so happy to slide into the land of dreams. Of course, there are countless other examples in which showering is more than just personal hygiene. Therefore, new design forms are always developed and more and more techniques are used in her. The big rain head does not have to be expensive anymore and so the domestic shower, if properly maintained, can be a real eye-catcher in addition to all other functions.

Which shower is right for me?

Not only the shower itself is available in many different variants, also the components around it are numerous. So you can either combine quite a few parts yourself or purchase a complete package. Which model or which parts are the right ones for you, depends not only on the functionality and appearance, but also often on how big your bathroom actually is. If, for example, the choice of doors goes up, then swinging doors are often preferred. These do not overlap with the other parts of the shower, thus leaving no room for damp deposits or even mildew. However, if you have a very tight bath, you probably will not pass sliding doors. The situation is similar with the walk-in shower cubicle, which is becoming more and more popular. Not only do they make it easier to get in, but they can also be used to clean the rest of the flooring. However, this variant can be converted rather poorly, especially in rental apartments. Which shower is right for you now depends to a large extent on what is feasible.

What should I pay attention to when buying a shower?

But with all the trappings, the experience in the shower is all about one thing: the shower head. In order for this to meet all your needs, we have put together a list of points that you should consider when buying. The most important point here is the water jet. Find out exactly how solid it is or whether it can be adjusted, so that the shower goes exactly to their liking. It is also worth taking a look at the water consumption. Here you can finally save properly and also help the environment. In addition, the head should be sturdy for the shower. After all, you do not want to buy a new one when it falls out of hand. In addition, there are quieter and louder models that can disturb the shower considerably. Pay close attention to the customer reviews in this point. Finally, it should be paid attention to whether it can be cleaned easily and already the relaxed shower is no more in the way.

How do I get the shower really clean?

So that the shower remains an eye-catcher, it naturally wants to be cleaned properly. To prevent limescale, you should remove the remains of water after every shower with a puller or a special cloth. If it comes to deposits, they can be removed with special citrus cleaners. Leave it on first, then rinse with clear water and then dry the surface with the towel. Already the shower is clean again.
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