Side Window Sunshades

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Longer car journeys are quite difficult for the rear-seat passengers, especially in older vehicles. The panes have only a slight tint and a sunscreen, which is integrated into the door trim is missing. If the sun shines into the vehicle while driving through the side windows, this is a burden especially for small children and the elderly. Use a sunscreen for side windows, which you get in different versions in neutral black or child-friendly designs

How to fix a sunshade for side windows?

Most models are equipped with one or more suction cups. These can moisten a little and then simply and quickly stick to the inner surface of the side window. If you no longer need the sunscreen, it is dismantled just as quickly. Alternatively, you get roller blinds that you mount on the door trim or hang in the window. These models will pull you down if necessary. As attachment is used in some cases, a squeegee.

How to choose a suitable sunscreen for side windows?

- Is sun protection for side windows universally suitable for all vehicles? Basically, you can mount the sunshade on the rear side windows or on the rear window of all vehicles. Only for coupes and convertibles with very small side windows, the popular models are less suitable. - What are the advantages of folding a model? You can remove the sunshade at any time and store it in the compartment of the interior trim, saving a lot of space.