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Decorating the living room of any house is a complex task in which you have to mix style and functionality in equal parts. In this sense, few pieces of furniture meet both characteristics as perfectly as the sideboards. Therefore, if you want to give the stay a new look, do not forget them.

Where to place the sideboards?

The ideal place to place a dresser is, without doubt, the living room. This is mainly because they provide an ideal storage solution. And in them they can keep the cutlery for the table, the crockery or, in short, anything else that can be useful for family life. In addition, they have a really attractive style. It must also be said that each time there are more suitable for bedrooms. In fact, in these cases, they usually include shoe racks, drawers for underwear, etc.

How to choose dressers?

- Contrast that they have a style similar to the rest of your decoration. In this way, you will create a pleasant feeling of harmony that will invite you to spend time in the living room.

- The more boxes, the better. Thanks to this features you can enjoy a more organized storage. And, if it includes bottle racks, cobblers or any other similar compartment, it will be great.

- Check its resistance and durability. Make sure you check what material has been used for its manufacture. This will help you to know its quality, its finishes and its resistance.
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