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Helmet for skateboarding in different sizes

Skateboarding is a sport that has enjoyed great popularity for decades, especially among the younger generation. The classic skateboard has a rigid tread and four wheels mounted in balls. The longboard is similarly constructed. It is characterized by a longer and wider tread. Very modern and slightly modified in its function is the Waveboard. It is equipped with two wheels and a movable tread and is driven slightly differently than the classic variants. Regardless of the board used, it is important that you pay attention to your safety while driving. A special helmet that protects the sensitive region on the head is essential for children, but also for adults. Helmets for skateboarding are tailored to the needs of the sport. High-quality models have a low weight and are barely noticeable. They protect the skull very effectively in falls and thus reduce the risk of injury. When buying it is important that you choose a helmet that is adapted to your size. Only then will you achieve optimum protection.

Which helmet size is the right one?

For optimal protection, the right helmet size is very important. Basically, skateboarding helmets are available in the standard sizes S, M, L and XL. On some models, there are only the double sizes S / M and L / XL. Other manufacturers work with the more precise head circumference.

When you buy a helmet for the first time, measuring head circumference is an important factor in determining the correct helmet size. For this you need a measuring tape, which you can lay flexibly around your head. When measuring, look best in a mirror. Lay the measuring tape around your head so that you guide it around the middle of the forehead. Make sure it fits tightly around your head. The number corresponds to your head circumference in centimeters. Now it's easy to find the right helmet size. A head circumference of 55/56 cm corresponds to size S. If you have measured 57/58 cm head circumference, choose a helmet of size M. 59/60 cm or 61/62 cm head circumference correspond to the sizes L or XL. If the helmet you want is offered in a double size, you should always use the larger value. A too small helmet does not provide enough security. On the other hand, if the helmet is a bit too big, you can make it smaller by using a handy adjustment mechanism to get the perfect fit.

How to choose the helmet for skateboarding?

- What shape should the helmet have? A helmet for skateboarding is semi-circular in shape, protecting the entire skull and temples. He sits deep in the forehead and also offers good protection there.

- What should be considered when closing? The closure should be easy to open. This is especially important in an emergency. Therefore, it consists of high-quality models of a lock that can be opened by a simple compression. He should cover the chin and have padding, so that no pressure points arise.

- What material should the helmet consist of? The material used is a particularly light and hard plastic. He is unbreakable and can ward off large forces.
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