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Cross-country skiing not only trains your whole body and is great for your fitness and agility. Due to the relatively low risk of injury, it protects your joints and trains your heart and your circulation. Did you know that when cross-country skiing about 90 percent of your muscles are used? As with every other winter sport, however, the equipment plays a major role here as well. In addition to the right cross-country skis, it's all about the right running boots. But how do you make the right choice?

How to choose the right cross country boots?

Whether you are an experienced cross-country skier or just start cross-country skiing - choose your equipment carefully. Shoe, bindings and skis are a part of cross-country skiing and must be tailored to your driving style. Do you prefer to ski on the trail or next to it? Which running technique do you prefer and what are your sporting ambitions? All these questions can help you choose the right shoe. In this case, the right shoe can be a skating, classic or combination boot.

• Skating shoe: You'll need it if you usually run next to the groomed track and your movement is similar to inline skating. Since this so-called skating technique requires a lot of physical effort and condition, you should have a particularly good grip in your skating shoe. Therefore, these models have a higher design and a joint boot and are also torsionally rigid. Thus, they allow you a strong impression.

• Classic shoe: The classic technique is generally driven in the groomed track. This technique is relatively easy to learn, making it ideal for beginners. The shoe is softer and more flexible than the skating shoe and gives your foot plenty of freedom of movement. Thus, a natural rolling behavior is guaranteed.

• Combination Shoe: If you master both techniques and just do not want to decide, you can fall back on the Combination Shoe.
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