Skiing Backpacks

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Whether snowboard, all-mountain or day trip - ski backpacks are the ideal companion for active winter sports

Ski or snowboard rucksacks are the ideal companions for sporting activities in the mountains to accommodate a variety of utensils. So skiers, snowboarders and trekking fans enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

What are the advantages of scoring a ski backpack?

A snowboard or ski backpack is the perfect equipment for unrestricted fun on the slopes. Gloves, energy bars and wallet can be stowed away in a handy ski backpack. Various models also score with special back cushions, which ensure that no snow can accumulate in the padding material - so the back always stays dry when skiing or snowboarding.

What should be considered when choosing a ski backpack?

- What size should the backpack have? Small models have a volume of ten to 15 liters and are ideal for short runs. Medium-sized ski backpacks with a volume of 20 to 30 liters are ideal for day trips. Ski backpacks with an even larger capacity are suitable for ski touring, all mountain and backcountry.- Should the ski backpack be equipped with an airbag? Meanwhile, there are already small ski backpacks that have an integrated airbag, larger models score with an ABS system and a pneumatic release. - Should the ski backpack be compatible with a hydration system? Especially with extensive physical activity, it is necessary to drink enough. That's why many ski backpacks are designed to easily accommodate a hydration system.

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