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Robust men's and women's ski poles for fun on the slopes in powder snow

The ride on the slopes in the snow inspires young and old year after year. Bright sunshine, powder snow and pistes in the various degrees of difficulty quickly forget the hectic pace of everyday life. In addition to the well-ground, waxed skis, sturdy ski poles are also part of the basic equipment of sporty skiers. These sticks, like skis and bindings, shoes and ski goggles, are offered by many well-known sports equipment manufacturers. Therefore, all men and women will find the right sticks for their skis, be they carvers, cross-country skis or downhill skis. Both the ladies' ski poles and the models for men and children have to be tailored to the size of the skier. Thanks to the choice of many different sticks in different lengths, however, all passionate skiers and beginners on the slopes always find the right models.

Fiberglass, metal, synthetic fibers - sturdy sticks for fast descents

In the 1950s, when skiing became popular, ski poles were made of wood and metal. Today, the essentials for downhill and cross-country skiing are made from high-quality, unbreakable synthetic fibers, with metal tips and skin-friendly loops. The metal tips of the sticks grip when putting the ski poles in snow and ice. The poles are used by some skiers for bracing in the fast corners, by other drivers in support of the ride. Ski poles always help to keep your balance. In addition, all beginners learn their first turns on the slopes only by using the sticks. Only riders who are able to use the ski pole in a textbook-friendly way can also make an elegant, sporty figure on the slopes. In addition, most skiers feel the sturdy poles are the perfect help even in difficult situations, even after many descents.

Proper length and optimal ergonomic grip

Both women's ski poles and men's models are selected according to the length of the legs. The stick must be held by the bent arms on the ergonomic handles. In addition, the handles of the ski poles are provided with loops that are placed around the wrists during the ride. In case of a fall, the sticks are not lost. The combination tip, stick, handle and loop can be supplemented with small emergency kits. If the skiers crash in the deep snow, a small balloon in the signal colors red and yellow opens between the loop and the handle and the skiers are immediately recognizable by every rescue team right away in the wide, bright snow field. These emergency kits on the poles complement the SOS transmitters of the protectors in the ski suits. In any case, always comfortable grip soft handles, which often synonymous preformed coolers for the fingers in the thick, warm gloves.

Colorful ski poles for fashion-conscious skiers

In addition to the colorful skis with the funny designs, the ski poles are also available in many colors. They can be fashionably combined with a ski suit, a jethose and a balloon ski jacket, so that every lady in the snow can make the perfect stylish appearance. All women's ski poles and men's ski poles can be used for many years thanks to their high-quality workmanship and robust materials. Skiers who use both downhill and cross-country skis usually have more than one pair of ski poles, because for every terrain and every snow, other models can be the best. All ski poles can be serviced after each season, like the skis. Scratches that have been created on fast descents in black bomb holes are painted, slight bends, which can occur in a rapid descent by pushing off in ice and snow, are repaired in no time. Quality sticks provide a lot of fun on every piste and they last a lifetime. Here you will find the entire range of modern ski poles from all well-known manufacturers of ski equipment, from poles for men over poles for children to visually appealing designed ladies ski poles.
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