Skipping Ropes

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There are dozens of fitness combos on the market, some so sophisticated that they support spare cables for speed combs. Others look more like a classic cotton rope. In any case, it is an easy-to-use and save item with which one of the most complete aerobic and coordination exercises is performed.

What exercises are done with the fitness combos?

The basic exercise that is practiced with a jump rope is the jump. There are many kinds of jumps and, depending on how they are executed, one or other muscles are exercised. The basic jump is the one that is done by passing the rope over the head and jumping over it with the feet together. But you can jump by raising your knees at a right angle or alternating your legs.

How to choose a fitness jump?

- The digital combas measure the number of jumps and calculate the calories burned based on the weight of the athlete. In addition, they allow keeping a record of the effort made. If you're looking for a digital bullet, check the screen's specifications to make sure it gives you all the data you need.

- The material is important. Beginners should start with polyamide bows because in case of a poorly executed jump the contact is softer. Experienced jumpers can work with skin combs.

- If you are looking for extra work for shoulders and arms, choose a ballasted rope.