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Perfectly fitting skis for athletic children and adults

When you're having fun in the snow on the piste, the right ski is the most important element in addition to binding and shoes. Therefore, skis must also be 100 percent matched to body length, body weight and athletic ability. This also applies to the children's ski. With the right models, the journey on blue and red runs is very easy. Ideal for the pleasure of vacation on the slopes are all-rounder models. This allows beginners on the flat hill as well as all passionate skiers in the ski circuit on the slopes to carve and shoot at whim.

After just a few days on the skis, children and their parents love carving on the slopes and their turns in deep snow. The modern all-mountain models are perfect for edging on ice surfaces and for the slalom race, which is held in all ski resorts for the guests. Up to a body weight of 45 kilograms and a length of 155 centimeters children should use special children's skis. Depending on your talent and sporting know-how, a ski length up to chest height - for beginners or even for the forehead - can be the right choice for ski aces who also venture onto the black slopes.

If parents and children have decided on the right length of ski, the bindings should be adjusted to match the shoes and the body weight, so that all turns and the firing trips succeed optimally. When selecting the new models, it is important to take a look at the edges and pads, which are designed by most well-known manufacturers to offer the best handling characteristics with regular sanding and good care. If the material and the care are right, the new skis will ensure many years of fun on all slopes in the world. Here you will find the entire range of skis from carvers to cross-country skis to all-mountain skis for the whole family - always matching the color of the new skidress.
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