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Sledges for lovers of skiing

The sled is a sled used as a dilettante to hit snowy slopes, but can also designate a sport or practice in summer with models designed for this purpose. It is an activity adored by young and old alike.

What types of sleds exist?

First of all, there is the foldable model. Convenient because it is carried everywhere and takes up little space, it can generally support a weight of up to 100 kg. Hiking sleds can in turn be available in foldable format, their specificity being their ability to slide even on powdery snow. Ideal for the mountain, the speed sled is also versatile because it adapts to any type of snow, while the wooden model is known for its strength and functionality when descending the slopes. Finally, the plastic sledge brings, by its lightness, comfort and thrills.

How to choose your sled?

- Choose a light model to ensure a fast glide with the assurance of a controlled trajectory.

- Opt for a 2 seater sleigh. The adults will indulge in turn to the pleasure of this activity.

- Prefer a bobsleigh with steering wheel and central brake for your children. They will be able to enjoy this fun sport safely.

- Set your sights on sleds with adjustable skates: you can easily avoid obstacles and zigzaguer at your leisure.
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