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The sleeping bag is an accessory that can never be missing in the backpack of people who love the outdoors or mountain sports. No matter what time of year it is; Sleeping outdoors is something that would not be easy if you do not have a sack. At present, the sleeping bag is usually made either with natural down or with synthetic materials such as polyester wadding. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, although the reality is that it is the best fibers to enjoy inside a tent with some sheets for sack.

How to wash a sleeping bag in the washing machine?

Here it is important to distinguish the material from which the sack is made. The best thing you can do with natural down is to wash them as little as possible and in the case of cleaning is necessary to take the bag to a dry cleaner. Synthetics can be machine washed by applying a program of about 30 ºC and avoiding centrifugation.

How to choose a sleeping bag?

- All bags must indicate a range of supported temperatures. Look carefully at what is marked as a comfort zone to know at what temperature you can be comfortable inside your bag.

- Down sacks are lighter than fiber sacks. Therefore, if you are going to practice sports in which you will take your sleeping bag with you for many hours, this may be the best option.

- Take a moment to check the size of the sleeping bag so as not to suffer any setbacks in this regard.
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