Sleeping Foam Mats

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Whether for tents, to do sports or to stay with friends: sleeping pads are suitable for many purposes. However, many associate them with little padding and an unpleasant sleeping experience. That's not true anymore!

Especially for outdoor use, such as camping and trekking tours, sleeping pads (short for "insulating mat") are indispensable. And nowadays they are not only available in thin material, but also inflatable and even with backrest.

What to look out for, if you are looking for a new mattress and which accessories you should also consider for a successful camping or trekking tour, read here.

What differences are there?

In addition to the well-known sleeping pads made of thin fabric and with little comfort, there are now models in various materials, all of which are suitable for different purposes.

• Self-inflating mats

Today, a self-inflating mattress is standard on every camper. It brings the perfect combination of comfort and insulation. With a weight of about 0.5 to 1 kilogram, they are very light, quickly rolled out and packed again.

• synthetic or down mat

Yes, you read it right. Sleeping pads are also available with down or synthetic fiber filling. As a result, they are not only superbly insulated, but also very comfortable.

• thermal pads

Thermal mats have a particularly good thermal insulation. They are available both as a thin mattress with thermal insulation layer or for self-inflating mats.

What should I look for when buying?

First, it is important what you want to use the mattress for. That's what the requirements will be.

For example, think about the size of the mattress. You should choose not only your height but also your sleep habits. Those who rather restless sleep, should look for a sufficiently large mat.

Also, the thickness or strength is not completely independent of your sleep pattern. The thicker the mat, the more comfortable it is and the better it can compensate for uneven floors. However, the transport can then be more difficult and may not be as good for hiking and trekking.

The filling material can be made of air, foam or, as mentioned above, of down or synthetic fibers. Depending on the filling, the insulation is better or worse. Air hardly isolates, while down already offers a high level of sleeping comfort. For occasional or casual friends, a mattress with foam filling is certainly the best solution.

But it's not just the inner life that matters: the material on the outside is also important. Especially in the heat you probably will not lie in your sleeping bag all the time. When in contact with the sleeping pad, the material should therefore be soft and comfortable. Often a slightly roughened surface is perceived as more pleasant than too much smoothness. The latter also leads to easy slipping.

Useful accessories for the perfect camping trip

If you have decided on a good mattress and would like to use it often in the outdoor area, you should think about a good sleeping bag. The two go hand in hand and together guarantee a restful sleep. Both must not be optimally matched; However, it is advisable to pay attention to quality in both products. A camping pillow also contributes to a comfortable bed in nature.

For extra protection during transport there are special covers for sleeping pads. They keep the moisture very well and guarantee a long-lasting quality. For smaller cracks and holes you can take a small repair kit. This takes away no space in the backpack and gives first aid in minor accidents.

A suitable tent and the right backpack, as well as the wind and weatherproof outdoor clothing, are important for a successful hiking tour and a pleasant overnight stay in nature.