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Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities as it offers the possibility of coming into contact with nature and specific habitats of animals and plant species, as well as experiencing days and nights away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lived as a sport or holiday and recreation mode, the camping, in order to guarantee comfort and practicality in the various activities connected to it, needs suitable tools to support every moment of the day.

The night is one of the most delicate phases and, at home as in camping, the mattress is one of the fundamental tools to rest adequately and fully enjoy the days spent away from home. The camping mattress is therefore the accessory to choose with greater care, whatever the type of camping you intend to carry out.

How to choose a camping mattress

Camping mattresses can be divided into self-inflatable and inflatable models through the use of manual or mouth pumps. The volume of hand-inflated mattresses decreases faster than self-inflating ones, based on the use and weight of people. For camping, it is always advisable to opt for thick, comfortable and wide mattresses, as opposed to trekking, where priority will be given to a light and compact mattress, so as not to get tired during transport.

Some models of camping mattresses are sold in combination with comfortable cushions, for complete relaxation during use. Other models have convenient bags to be stored and stored when not in use, with easy folding mode.

The production materials of camping mats are generally waterproof technical fabric and polyester for the exterior and elastic sponge for the interior, however, plastic, velvet coverings and other fabrics make these mattresses versatile and usable in other contexts such as the beach and homes , in case you need an extra bed for guests.