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Car Circuits: Imagination at the wheel

From the smallest to the biggest, the car circuits are unanimous. Rails to assemble where to roll his racing bike with the curls to project it in the air, girls and boys can give free rein to their imagination. Because before playing, the circuit must be mounted. Everyone to imagine the best route. Long straight lines, steep slopes, tight turns, so many opportunities to explore each time in different combinations. What endless feed their inventiveness.

Which universe for the children's car circuit?

Far from being limited to the world of motor racing, the car circuit satisfies the different inclinations of children. Want to be scared, the track with robot attack can play to challenge the dangers by avoiding being caught. A desire to do acrobatics, the circuit with loop loops and launching ramps offers the joy of performing stunts. And to the amateurs of trips, the circuit with airport makes cross planes and cars on the track. In short, a moving game that feeds inspiration in all its registers.

How to choose among the different car circuits?

- Between 3 and 5 years old, a simple, solid and colorful circuit game to play putting, removing and moving cars on the track is enough.

- From the age of 6, waterfalls are in the spotlight in car racing. Taking speed, jumps and loops have everything to please.

- From 8 years old, the circuit games where the tracks can be built in many combinations satisfy children eager for sensations such as real pilots.