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Snorkeling is diving without an oxygen mask or other breathing apparatus. A snorkel set usually consists of a pair of diving goggles with attached snorkel and optionally a pair of diving fins. It is important that the glasses are in good condition and that the snorkel is not too long, because if the snorkel is too long it may cause a pendulum breathing. In pendulum breathing, it may happen that instead of fresh air, the exhaled air is inhaled again. In addition, a too long snorkel can cause the pressure balance between the lungs and the surrounding tissue is no longer true and the circuit breaks down. If you go snorkeling in rather cool waters, it is also advisable to wear a wetsuit that protects the body from the cold.

When snorkeling with the matching snorkel set floats on the water surface and observes the underwater world, while breathing normally. Diving is also common in snorkeling, but it should be noted that the water which has possibly run into the snorkel is expelled when it emerges. Snorkelling is very useful for underwater shooting and is also a useful dive technique for water rescue operations. View in this collection practical snorkeling sets from top brands such as Cressi, Mares or Aqua Lung, with which anyone can dive into colorful water worlds.
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