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Snow Globes: Not just for Christmas an eye-catcher

When it starts to get colder, candles are burning inside and dancing white flakes outside, you can see them everywhere: the snow globes. The winter landscapes in the glass are some of the most beautiful decorations in the run-up to Christmas - but why set them up only in winter? In snow globes trickles by no means only the snow, but also sparkling glitter. And besides Christmas motifs, there are the stylish balls also with animal pictures, love messages and even with your personal photos. They look good all year round and are a great gift idea - even in the summer.

Christmas snow globes show a variety of winter motives: Merry snowmen, decorated Christmas trees, laughing Santa Claus and scenes from the Christmas story belong to the standard repertoire of every Christmas market. The pretty balls are available in different sizes and some even have a built-in music box, so that the snowstorm yet a contemplative melody sounds.

What fascinates even small children about the snow globes is, above all, the small snowflakes, which set in motion with every movement of the globe and drift down onto the scenery in the glass. Just as beautiful is the miniature snow against the background of a sweet message or a beautiful picture, dogs and cats make hearts beat faster, angels and fairies bring romance and sayings or messages sweeten even the most gloomy day.

A very individual gift is a snow globe with a photo. You do not have to open the ball, the desired motif is simply inserted into a slot in the ball and cut into shape. When choosing the photo your imagination knows no bounds. Taking a picture of your last holiday together is as good as taking a picture of a newborn baby or a loved one. No matter which motive you choose, a snow globe will bring joy in every season.
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