Snow Shovels

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Snow shovels for non-slip walkways and court entrances

In some countries, it is even legally required to free the courtyard entrances and the sidewalk in front of the house from snow. This is to prevent the floor from becoming slippery, causing people to slip and injure themselves. To clear the ground of snow, a snow shovel is needed.

How do I push a snow shovel correctly?

Hold the handle with both hands and these far apart. The closer a hand is to the blade, the greater the leverage and the easier the snow shovels fall. In addition, the snow should not be shoveled if possible, but pushed together to a pile on the edge. This saves strength and protects the joints. When pushing, hold the snow shovel at a slight angle. The back should always stay straight.

How to choose the right snow shovel

- What shape should the scoop have? For a back-friendly snow shovel, the shovel should be ergonomically shaped. This means that it has a bend on the handle and that the handle is long enough so that your back does not have to bend heavily.

- What material should the blade be? Snow shovels are usually made of plastic or metal. The blades made of plastic are less robust, but much lighter. Especially people with little strength will be easier with this shovel.

- Why do some snow shovels have wheels? Just when the snow is pushed, the wheels facilitate the work. These snow shovels are great if you need to shovel larger areas.