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Snowboard boards to fly on the snow

Slip on the snow, like a skate on the asphalt and surfboard on the waves of the ocean, is an intense and engaging emotion. Who is at the beginning, will know that it is essential to complete the learning process step by step and without demanding too much from oneself. For all those who, on the other hand, feel the table as an extension of their body, they will have snow and sky as their only boundaries.

How is a snowboard made?

The classic snowboard board is built in layers: the core, the heart, is preferably made of wood or foam, with possible kevlar or carbon inserts. The other materials are polyethylene, graphite or teflon for the slab, then glass fiber and epoxy resin enter the field. In the construction system called cap, the upper layer covers the core until it is bonded to the laminae, ie the lateral edge in steel that follows the perimeter of the board itself.

How to choose a snowboard?

- The design and colors of the boards should not influence your choice: first place the technical potential of the board, the measurements, the diversity or identity of the width of the spatula and the tail, the type of bridge

- The right table is proportionate to your height, weight and, of course, foot size

- If you are a beginner or your preparation is not yet complete, ask yourself first which specialty is right for you and if you prefer fresh or beaten snow
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