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Snowshoes for excursions in the heart of the mountains

Snowshoeing is a popular sport. It does not require any prior technical level and allows you to discover new routes and sublime panoramas. Formerly made of wood, snowshoes have gained lightness in recent decades. Today designed in plastic or aluminum, they adapt to any type of terrain and make snowshoeing accessible to all.

What are the different types of snowshoes?

Snowshoes are mainly distinguished by their material. Made of plastic, they are resistant and suitable for both beginners and more experienced users. If you are a seasoned hiker and looking for performance, the aluminum racquet is for you. Width is another important criterion to consider. Wide snowshoes (more than 20 cm) are better suited to long walks in powder snow, while narrow snowshoes (less than 20 cm) ensure easy walking on steep terrain.

How to choose your snowshoes?

- Make sure that the fastening system is suitable for the shoes you will use during your hikes.

- Prefer rackets with climbing wedges. They effectively limit muscle fatigue.

- Choose a suitable lift surface, that is, a width and length sufficient to support your weight.

- Check the presence of crampons under the sieve if you plan to climb fairly steep slopes.