Soap Dishes

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Different in color, shapes and materials, the soap holders are not simple functional accessories, but real furnishing accessories for your bathroom. From dispensers to soap bars, from glazed models to those with embossed decorations, you can find solutions for all tastes and needs.

How to clean the soap dish?

If the soap sticks to the support leaving unsightly residues or if it has scale deposits, do not despair: with a thorough cleaning, the soap dish will be as good as new. Simply rub it with a little detergent diluted in lukewarm water, then dry it with a cotton cloth, to make it more glossy and avoid new stains caused by the deposit of water drops. If its surface is knurled, you can use an old toothbrush to reach even the least accessible corners.

How to choose a soap dish?

- Evaluate the organization of your bathroom: a wall-mounted soap dish is ideal if you have limited space or a small washbasin cabinet; instead, opt for a countertop model, if you have wall coverings

- Carefully consider the production material: keep in mind that plastic, which is rather resistant to impact and wear, can be an excellent option if children live at home; glass and ceramics are instead more fragile, but also easier to clean

- Remember that the eye also wants its part: therefore look for an accessory that, for style and finish, goes well with the furnishing accessories already present in your bathroom