Speed Boxing Bags

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Boxing is a sport that in the common imaginary sees muscular brutes protagonists of the most violent matches in the ring, also thanks to the cinema cult dedicated to the subject. In reality, this sport is practiced at a competitive level even by women and is one of the most suitable training to strengthen the arms and increase resistance and reflexes. In the training phases, whether it is sport by profession or novice beginners with gloves and sack, it is necessary to provide the right accessories to create your own efficient personal gym. One of these is the fast pear, also known as a fast bag, an exerciser used to strengthen muscles and endurance, exploited not only in boxing but also by heavyweight athletes and other combat sports.

What good is the fast pear

The fast pear represents, in boxing, the imaginary opponent and has the characteristics aimed at preventing shots and increasing concentration, improving their defense. From the name of the same name to the fruit, given the similar form, it is useful to train the arms, increase the reflexes but also to burn calories in certain workouts dedicated to weight loss.

There are types of pear bag to hang on fixtures or supports in heavy materials, with a structure suitable to launch professional hooks and other models dedicated to boys or less tight training, lighter and with adjustable pedestal. The height, in fact, is one of the basic requirements for the correct use of this bag: positioning it higher than your chin involves an excessive effort of arms and shoulders, with possible risk of injury and improper performance of the targeted shooting techniques. fortify precision and coordination.